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Today, protecting the environment is a top priority for the government, consumers, and many companies. That’s why Pharo Heating is striving to lead the way in providing the most energy efficient and air cleaning products available, while using the best practices to our knowledge.

Energy Efficient Products

Decrease your Environmental Footprint

Purchasing energy efficient products that require less energy resources to operate is one of the best ways to help protect the environment. Also, buying energy efficient products will not only decrease your environmental footprint, but they will save you money on operating costs. So make sure your heating and air conditioning products have high energy efficiency ratings. 

Energy Star Program

Learn how Pharo can Help

Energy Star promotes energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, thermostats, and other products. Energy Star promotes energy efficient products because household appliances can have a huge impact on air pollution and energy consumption.

Pharo Heating offers a variety of products that are designed to provide your family with a cleaner and healthier home. Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) helps prevent the causes of allergies and illnesses, and can eliminate mold, bacteria and other contaminants. Following, is a list of 10 products, technologies and tips that will help make your home a “Healthy Home”:

(1) Energy Efficient Equipment – Replace your old 70% system with a 90%+ system, and you can lower utility bills and decrease your environmental footprint. (see FAQs page for more on efficiency, including AFUE and SEER ratings)

Example: Current Furnace = 70%, New Furnace = 95%>

Gas usage could be cut by as much as 26%

[(95-70)/95 = 26.3]

(2) Multi-Staged Equipment – Allows for higher efficiency, quieter operation, increased dehumidification, and a more comfortable home.>

(3) Variable Speed Technology – Allows for higher efficiency, quieter operation, significant dehumidification, and can increase your system’s cooling efficiency by up to 2 full SEER points. This technology also provides consistent air circulation with about one-sixth less energy consumption than a fixed-speed model.

(4) Zoned Comfort Systems – Zoning is an easy way of dividing your home into zones with similar heating and cooling requirements. Benefits of zoning include eliminating hot and cold spots of your home; optimized temperature and humidity levels in each zone; maximize energy savings by only conditioning the zones that are occupied.>

(5) Air Filtration – An air filter is an important part of a heating and cooling system. A clean filter collects particles such as dust and debris that build up on the blower fan and the heating and cooling coils. Such buildup reduces efficiency, restricts airflow, and shortens equipment life. Additionally, high-quality filters can improve a home’s indoor air quality and your family’s health.

(6) Humidification Systems – Too little humidity can cause a sore throat, dry skin and sinus irritation; damage to furniture and wood products; makes you feel colder regardless of the temperature. Too much humidity can cause wood to warp and wallpaper to peel; makes you feel clammy, sweaty and sticky; increases allergens (dust mites, molds, and fungi). Install a humidifier and/or dehumidifier to control the comfort and longevity of your home.

(7) R-410A (Puron) Refrigerant – Puron has been universally accepted refrigerant and was approved by the EPA as the best replacement for Freon (R-22), which is an ozone-depleting HCFC that is being phased out of production.

– high efficiency – outstanding reliability

– quiet operation – environmentally sound

(8) Equipment Maintenance – Scheduled maintenance will aid in extending the life, efficiency, and safety of your equipment. It is imperative that you replace your filter regularly (see FAQs section). Also having your equipment inspected by a trained professional annually will improve the efficiency, safety, and life of that equipment.

(9) Seal & Insulate Ducts – Your ducts (medium that moves air throughout your home) often have small openings that waste your conditioned air. Sealing and insulating ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20 percent — and sometimes much more.

(10) System Controls – Controls and/or Thermostats can play a major role in the efficiency and productivity of your home comfort system. Some are programmable, allowing for greater control of energy cost while your out of your home for an extended period. Some have humidity control built in, allowing you to monitor and control your humidity levels. Some other features include an outdoor temperature sensor, which allows the controls to automatically adjust indoor humidity set-points (help avoid condensation build-up on windows); Clean filter reminders helps you keep your system clean, which in turn leads to better efficiency.