Air Conditioning Comfort Myths and Tips for Cooling Season

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In a matter of days, we transitioned in Madison from heating season (furnace) to cooling season (A/C). We are now in the midst of a heat wave that is surely taxing air conditioners in homes across the area. Here are a few myths that many homeowners have asked us over the years and some tips on how to get the optimal use out of your home climate system.

Air Conditioning Comfort Myths

Myth #1: Turning the thermostat way down will still cool your home faster.

Your air conditioner (A/C) will deliver air at the same rate, regardless of your different temperature setting. It runs at the same output until the temperature on the thermostat is satisfied. So it is best to just set the thermostat at your desired temperature.

Myth #2: You save money by closing registers in unused rooms.

By closing the registers in the unused areas of your home, you are increasing the pressure in the duct system. This increase in pressure will cause more conditioned air to be forced out of leaky ductwork corners and connections, costing you money. Also, the extra pressure can add stress to your equipment, leading to a decreased life expectancy or system failure.

Myth #3: It doesn’t matter which way your ceiling fan goes when using it to reduce your utility bill.

Running ceiling fans counter-clockwise provides a nice cooling breeze; thus you are able to set your thermostat higher. By doing so, fans can help lower utility bills by reducing the amount of run time for your air conditioner.

Myth #4: You save money by turning you’re A/C off during the day while at work.

If you turn your A/C off before you leave for work and turn it back on when you get home, it will have to work extra hard to dehumidify and cool your home. This can end up costing you more money and putting extra stress on your equipment, possibly requiring more maintenance. You’re better off getting a programmable thermostat and just adjusting the temperature setting a 2-5 degrees for when you are gone. The warmer it is outside, the less you should set it back.

Bright Idea – Using a programmable thermostat properly can reduce energy use, but turning back your thermostat too much can increase your bills because you’re A/C has to work so much harder to remove humidity and get back to your desired temperature. This is especially true during the really hot days.

Myth #5: You’re better off getting a larger A/C unit because it will cool faster and better.

Having an A/C that is too large for your home will result in a higher operating cost and less comfort. This is because your system will turn on and off more frequently, not allowing the unit to run long enough to remove the humidity. A properly sized system will dehumidify better and provide a more even temperature throughout your home.

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