Elite FT – Heating Boiler

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The Elite FT is a high efficiency heating boiler for residential and commercial applications. This versatile unit is wall hung and comes in six models, ranging from 55,000 to 399,000 BTUs. It’s exclusively designed stainless steel heat exchanger provides superior heat transfer. It has up to a 96.8% AFUE rating with a 5 to 1 turndown ratio. Top and bottom connections are featured on larger size units for greater installation options.

The EFT is available in six models ranging from 55,000 – 399,000 BTUs. It is a wall hung, space saving unit that can be used in residential or commercial applications. Top and bottom connections are featured on larger sized units (155,000 – 399,000 BTUs) to allow for greater installation options. The EFT has an unbeatable combined vent length of 200 ft. in 3” PVC pipe.

Product Type: Boiler
Model: Model EFT
Rating: up to 97% AFUE
TYPE: HE Heating Boiler



The Elite FT is ENERGY STAR certified, with a 97% AFUE rating and has a 5 to 1 turndown ratio.
It also has ultra-low NOx emissions, making it eco-friendly!
The unit is also ASME certified.
The EFT is compatible with glycol based systems.
It also comes with a temperature and pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, indirect sensor and outdoor sensor, and a condensation removal system for a better heating experience!