Evolution Variable-Speed Air Conditioner Model 189BNV

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Taking Comfort and Quiet to Whole New Level

Small but powerful, this unique air conditioner uses inverter technology and a rotary compressor to deliver variable-speed comfort control. That translates to highly efficient, low-stage cooling that can operate down to 25% capacity for ultra-quiet operation. What’s more, it can provide exceptional dehumidification and comfort.

Product Type: Air Conditioner
Model: Model 189BNV
Rating: up to 19 SEER2
TYPE: Variable-Speed
Sound Rating (db): as low as 56





Energy Efficiency Up to 19 SEER2
ENERGY STAR® Meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines for high efficiency in select sizes
Cooling stages 5-stages for variable-speed operation

Sound Specifications:

Quiet levels 56 dB during low stage operating condition AeroQuiet System IITM design Pressure equalizer valve, compressor sound blanket; quiet mount split post compressor grommets, forward-swept fan blade
StartupSoft start and smooth ramp up

Convenience Specifications:

Notifications Maintenance reminders and service notices through the advanced system diagnostics of the Evolution Connex control

Technology Specifications:

Compressor 5-stage rotary with 25-100% capacity range
Control Inverter driven compressor and fan motor managed by Evolution Connex control
Refrigerant Puron® refrigerant
Compatibility Designed for best efficiencies when part of Evolution system but compatible with 2-stage thermostats and suitable indoor products for 2-stage operation and step up to full Evolution system at later time
Protections High and low pressure switches; filter drier
Capacity 2-4 tons


Design Attractive DuraGuardTM Plus system
Construction Durable, sheet metal construction
Paint Baked-on, complete outer coverage, powder paint
*Bryant reserves the right to discontinue or change any specification or design without prior notice or obligation.

Enjoy cool, summer comfort with up to 19 SEER & up to 13 SEER efficiency
Optimal dehumidification capability with the Evolution Connex™ control
5 stages of variable-speed operation with longer, lower stage cooling cycles to give you more energy savings and even temperature comfort
Exceptionally quiet operation in low speeds down to 56 decibels
Soft start and smooth ramp up to operating speeds
Excellent performance with zoned systems
Bryant’s smallest ducted, variable-speed air conditioner will fit discreetly into your landscape
Uses non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant
Sheet metal construction with baked-on, complete outer paint coverage for lasting durability against the elements
Attractive, louvered cabinet protects the coil against physical damage
10-year parts limited warranty upon registration