Adding in heating elements to your garage can be quite the process and we suggest hiring a professional with plenty of experience to get the project done. This way, you know you will receive a high quality outcome, a warranty on product and installation, as well as keeping your family safe.

If this is something you are interested in, we hope you consider your options and what would be best for your home. If you have any questions, we at Pharo Heating & Cooling are more than willing to help so you can enjoy a warm, heated garage this winter season!

Rising Energy Bills Causing Discomfort?

When insulating your garage walls and ceiling, make sure you have an insulated garage door. Usually, older garage doors are not insulated, which could lead to heat loss. Adding insulation to your existing garage door is an option, but if you can fit it in the budget – then upgrading to a new insulated garage door would be preferred.

Sterling GG Series - Garage


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Take back the garage for year-round use. GG Series gas-fired, low-profile garage unit heaters are both residential and commercial outbuilding certified (non-occupied spaces only) in seven configurations to suit every area. Quiet, thermostat-controlled and easily installed–they stay out of the way and let you keep working comfortably.

The Sterling Tubular gas-fired unit heaters offer a highly
efficient, extremely durable alternative to the traditional
clam shell design. These units combine the latest tubular
heat exchanger and inshot burner technologywith the
quality and reliability you have come to knowfrom Sterling.

Product Type: Garage Heater
Model: GG Series
Rating: 24,900 – 98,400 BTU
TYPE: Gas-Fired



82+% Thermal Efficiency
Redundant Single-Stage Gas Valve
Residential Certification
120/24V Control Transformer
OSHA Fan Guard
115/1/60 Fan Motor with Internal Overload Protection
Direct Spark Ignition
20-Gauge Cabinet with Baked Enamel Finish
10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
Right Hand Control Access – Field Convertible to Left Hand
High Limit Switch
Air Pressure Switch
Natural or Propane Gas
Gas Conversion Kit Included
Field Convertible to Separated Combustion
Easy Access Control Panel
321 Stainless Steel Burner Box
20-Gauge Aluminized Heat Exchanger
Power Vented

Hot Dawg Power Vented (HD)

Hot Dawg Power Vented (HD)

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Modine’s Hot Dawg is widely recognized as the industry’s most popular residentially-certified gas-fired unit heater, with six sizes available from 30,000 – 125,000 BTUs. It is an ideal solution for residential garages and workshops, along with light commercial or industrial applications. The Special Edition trim kits are now available in three different style options. These kits fit new or existing Hot Dawg unit from 30,000 – 75,000 BTUs. Choose from:
-Huntin’ Dawg – perfect for sportsmen & hunters
-Diamond Dawg – a great compliment to any car or motorcycle enthusiasts garage
-Carbon Fiber – spruce up your standard Hot Dawg with this exciting option

Use your workspace – comfortably – year-round
Only Modine offers numerous colors and appearance kits, letting you heat your space in style
Free up more workspace by getting rid of space heaters that clutter up the area
Quieter garage with the Hot Dawg thanks to noise levels less than other units (see brochure for specs)
Units work with propane or natural gas and conversion kits are available too in case you change heating sources
Trouble-free motor dependability
Simplified side-wall or roof venting with small-diameter vent pipes

Product Type: Garage Heater
Model: Hot Dawg HD
Rating: 30,000 – 125,000 BTU
TYPE: Power Vented



Hush-puppy quiet operation
Right or left hand controls available on 30-75 units by rotating unit 180 degrees
10 year warranty on heat exchanger
Lightweight, easy installation 1″ from ceiling
Operates with natural or propane gas
Power vented model simplifies side-wall or roof venting with small-diameter vent pipe
Finger-proof fan guards on all units
Permanently lubricated motor
Certified for residential, commercial and industrial use
Made in the USA
Comes in standard grey/green or optional black Special Edition
Three appearance kits available – Huntin’ Dawg, Diamond Dawg, Carbon Fiber
Other models available include blower model (HDB), separated combustion (HDS) and separated combustion with blower (HSB)

Hot Dawg Separated Combustion (HDS)

Hot Dawg Separated Combustion (HDS)

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Modine’s Hot Dawg is widely recognized as the industry’s most popular residentially-certified gas-fired unit heater. The Hot Dawg is ideal for residential garages, basements or vestibules, as well as commercial, industrial, and institutional installations.

Draws combustion air from outside the work space, ensuring the unit always has plenty of fresh, clean air to breathe
The fresh air supply reduces common concerns about dusty, dirty or humid applications, providing greater durability and reduced maintenance
Factory assembled, certified separated combustion saves installation time
Sizes ranging from 30,000 to 125,000 BTU/hr
Heats area safely with small-diameter vent through the side wall or roof
Full 10-year warranty on heat exchanger
Permanently lubricated motor for ongoing dependability
Installs 1″ from the ceiling

Product Type: Garage Heater
Model: Hot Dawg HDS
Rating: 30,000 – 125,000 BTU
TYPE: Separated Combustion



Uses natural or propane gas
Optional finger-proof fan guard for operation at low mounting heights
Hot Dawg kits come with three or five deflector blades depending on unit size (Diamond Dawg kit comes with polished stainless steel diamond plate and no deflector blades)