Fixing Uneven Cooling In Your Home

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Uneven cooling is a common problem with ducted HVAC systems. Sometimes, certain areas of a home will be warmer than others. Simply lowering the thermostat usually isn’t a viable fix since it wastes money and can make the normal areas uncomfortably chilly. However, there are other ways to address the problem of uneven cooling.

Open Doors and Return Vents

The good news is that unevenness is usually correctable. Pharo Heating & Cooling has been providing Bryant air conditioning services throughout Madison and neighboring communities for more than a 35 years. We have found that homeowners often unintentionally create an uneven cooling or heating problem by closing vents in unused rooms and shutting too many interior doors. That can create a balance problem, so we do not recommend this practice if you are having issues with air circulation.

Change the Air Filter

We highly recommend periodically changing the air filter for the system as well as dusting all the return vents. Filters should be changed at least every three months and earlier if necessary. Not doing so can create a balance problem that leads to uneven cooling and undo stress on your system fan.

Schedule an AC Inspection and Tune-Up

If changing the air filter doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to schedule a tune-up. When the technician arrives, explain the uneven cooling problem so that he or she can diagnose the problem. An AC unit can become incorrectly calibrated, but there are corrections that our technician can adjust as needed. It’s also possible that you have an undersized unit for your square footage. This can result from adding living space or simply undersizing from the initial installation, so you might consider replacing it.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

If the AC checks out, it would be advisable to arrange for a whole-home energy assessment. This audit will extend to the air conditioning and ventilation but also look at aspects such as insulation and overall energy efficiency.

Enjoy The Even Cooling You Deserve

Pharo Heating & Cooling is a full-service heating and cooling company that works directly with Bryant Heating and Cooling products. Our team performs new installations, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. We also work on air cleaners and humidifiers to help optimize your indoor air quality. Contact us today to learn more about these many services and to schedule an appointment.


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