Prepare Your Garage for the Cooler Temperatures Ahead

 In General

A freezing cold garage during the winter is a given for homeowners in the Midwest. However, this can be avoidable. There are many reasons why adding garage heating to your home is a good investment. 

GG Series Garage Heating

Pharo Heating offers gas fired, low-profile garage unit heaters for both residential and commercial buildings. These heaters are wall-mounted and are thermostat-controlled. They are easy to install and stay out of the way so homeowners are able to utilize the garage space comfortably. The unique shell design of these heaters is efficient and extremely durable. The heating units include the latest tubular heat exchanger and inshot burner technology. High quality and sure to be reliable for your garage heating needs. Just remember, the use of a garage workshop or making vehicle repairs does not have to end during the colder temperatures of fall and winter.


Unpractical Types of Garage Heaters

There are a few types of garage heating that aren’t practical for long-term use, mainly due to safety reasons. Some of the following unsafe options include:

  • Extending your home heating system’s ducts. There are too many negatives with utilizing this type of heating source for your garage. Essentially, it increases the risk of carbon monoxide from a vehicle along with other harmful garage fumes and dust coming into the home.
  • Portable electric heaters. A small electric space heater is not an effective option for heating a garage space during the winter months. However, if this is what you decide to use, keep in mind it must be kept away from any flammable materials.
  • Portable propane, kerosene, and oil heaters. These types of heating sources are regularly used in garages, but aren’t ideal. Homeowners are still exposed to the harmful fumes emitted from these types of heaters despite having standard garage ventilation.

Adding wall and ceiling insulation makes garage heating far more effective

Adding insulation to your garage walls and ceiling makes a huge difference when effectively heating your garage space. All of these heat-absorbing measures will improve your home’s energy efficiency during the year’s cold months even if you are not utilizing a garage heating unit. Your home during the spring and summer months will also benefit from garage insulation when your home’s air conditioning is on.

If fully insulating your garage isn’t financially possible at the moment, we suggest trying to add wall insulation to any of the garage walls that, do the next best thing. Try to at least add wall insulation to any garage walls that attach to your home’s interior walls. Ask us about the garage insulation services we provide at Pharo Heating.

Don’t forget insulation for your garage door

When insulating your garage walls and ceiling, don’t forget about your garage door. Generally, older garage doors lack any insulation features, which contributes to heat loss. Old garage doors may also not give your garage the best protection from the elements due to factors that come with age, such as warping and other kinds of damage.

Adding insulation to your existing garage door is one option. A more assured way of maximizing your garage door’s energy efficiency is to upgrade to a new garage door. The modern and stylish garage doors from our steel or wood garage door collections gives you plenty of insulation options.

Why leaving garage heating solutions to the pros is a good idea

There are numerous reasons for hiring a company such as Pharo Heating when it comes to garage heating that have plenty of experience. By authorizing professionals with the addition of garage heating solutions to the home, homeowners are sure to receive the highest quality of work while keeping the family safe. The same applies to permanent heating sources for the garage space.



Pharo Heating & Cooling is a full-service HVAC contractor in Madison. Our team provides top quality service for new construction and replacement furnace and air conditioner needs. For garage heating ideas and solutions, trust the experts at Pharo Heating. For more information about annual furnace inspection or concerns, give us a call at 608-849-5410 or submit a contact form through our website.

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