Adjusting Cold Air Return Vents During the Fall Season

Winter is coming and we wanted to simply remind you to properly regulate your vents before the cold takes over. A majority of homeowners have air conditioning and in most contemporary homes there will be a hot air return vent placed close to the ceiling  which will continually be at floor level. You’ll also notice these hot air return vents on the second floor of two story homes since hot air continually rises at the ceiling level in one story homes. Within the spring season you may have closed the bottom cold air return vents that forces the air come back to the furnace to be drawn from the ceiling wherever the air is the hottest. This improves the cooling effectiveness of your system and provides a suitable environment in your home.

Cold air as you may know falls to the bottom levels whereas hot air rises. By closing the bottom vent, you are forcing the hot air to be drawn into the return system to be cooled by the air conditioning system. By opening the cold air vent during the fall season enables the cold air to be drawn to the furnace and heated.

Properly Regulating Your Cold Air Return Vents

Our cold air return vents have a lever that enables you to open or shut the vent subject to the time of the year. It is a small lever that you just push up or down depending on what you decide to do. Some homes might not include these forms of vents therefore owners might have to put a magnetic cover over the vent to stop air from creeping in. Another thing to remember during this process is to make sure that you just are covering the cold air vent at the ground level and not the one at the ceiling. Before the start of the spring season is when you would begin to turn on the air conditioning. If you do not have a hot air return vent at the ceiling level in your home, then do not shield your cold air come vent or the furnace will not receive enough air to flow.

When to Open Your Cold Air Return Vents During the Winter Season

Before the winter weather occurs, you would like to have the cold air at floor level drawn into the air come back system. It is about that time to open these vents if they have been closed. Make sure you enable the cold air to return to the furnace to be heated. Due to the strong level of cold air, it will flow to the lowest level of your home into the cold air return vents.

The Importance of Closing and Opening These Vents

The most important reason is that you simply need the air to flow in an optimum way. It should heat your home as quick as possible so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed in your home. Another reason to consider is the expense of energy as you will see an increase. By utilizing your homes air circulation correctly, you will see that you are saving money. This system can lower their annual costs to heat and cool their home.

During the winter season, try to utilize the suns rays to heat your home throughout the day as much as possible. To provide an additional layer of insulation around your windows, make sure you close the blinds during the night. In the summer you would simply reverse this process because buyers should avoid the suns rays streaming through the windows making your homes temperature increase with the already warm outdoor temperatures.

Completed in Minutes

This is a simple task to complete and can be completed in minutes only twice a year. The primary goal of our website is to assist home owners and provide ways to save as much money as possible so you have money for other needs.


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