Furnace Repair – Hire A Professional or Do-It-Yourself?

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There is a fine line in furnace repair where you have to decide whether to perform a repair yourself or hire a professional. We have weighed the pros and cons and put together a post highlighting the important things to consider for furnace repairs.


  • Safety – Almost all furnaces feature a combustion area that is connected to natural gas, LP gas, or fuel oil. An HVAC contractor is used to working in and around fixtures for these combustibles. Leave it up the experts to deal with any connections. The DIY reward isn’t worth the risk to you and your family resulting from any misstep.
  • Access to Repair Parts – Unlike ordering a replacement parts on Amazon and waiting a couple days to receive it, HVAC contractors have same-day access to most parts to get you back up and running quickly. Plus, you’ll get the correct parts by getting them through a reputable contractor.
  • Insured – If the repair results in an issue with your furnace, air conditioner, or home, reputable contractors are insured properly to remedy the problem.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – Many HVAC contractors have a technician on-call at all times, so your downtime is limited and you can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.
  • Full System Diagnostics – It’s possible there may be more to the problem than a simple part replacement. HVAC contractors will perform complete system diagnostics while at your home so the root cause can be determined and remedied. Most contractors will also recommend to you any other concerns to address before you experience another breakdown.
  • Repair Guarantee – In addition to manufacturer warranties, many heating and cooling contractors will include a warranty covering part failure. One example of this is that if the part repaired causes the system to fail again within 1 year, the contractor will come back to repair it at no charge to you.


  • No Insurance Coverage – A self-performed repair resulting in an insurance loss is typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Additionally, if you try to replace a part yourself, you could potentially damage your furnace system even more and this could lead to more expensive repairs at your expense.
  • Timing – If you are not a licensed HVAC contractor, you most likely won’t have immediate access to the part you need. You may be able to order it online, but will that part be the solution for your specific problem? Sometimes, homeowners replace the part to find they need an additional part to remedy the problem. Before you know it you are without heat or air conditioning for a week.
  • No Warranty – Most of the time a homeowner buying a part over the counter or online is not going to receive any warranty on that part. Some parts are fragile and if you break it while installing, you are out the cost of the part and you will need to order another replacement.
  • Permanent Furnace Damage – It may be that in the process of repairing the furnace something is damaged in a way that makes it irreparable. If this occurs, you may have a hard time finding a reputable contractor to try and repair your system. Most HVAC contractors won’t be able to guarantee their own repair in a situation like this because of any unforeseen damage.
  • Stick with Filters and Dampers – When it comes to furnace maintenance and repair, don’t try to be a hero. The best advice we can give to DIYers is to maintain furnace filters and adjust any dampers seasonally. Otherwise, keep everyone safe and comfortable by leaving furnace repairs to the professionals.


Although basic furnace maintenance, like changing air filters, can be handled by any homeowner, it is best to defer to an HVAC contractor to handle all of your concerns. In addition to the reasons provided above, we also recommend an annual furnace maintenance check-up to make sure there aren’t any major issues as you approach the heating or cooling seasons.

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