3 Garage Heater Benefits For This Winter


You may think of your garage as just a place to park your car, but it can also be a great space to work and hang out year-round—all you have to do is know how to keep it comfortable, even in winter. That’s where garage heaters come into play, and Pharo Heating & Cooling can help you find the best system for your home. Discover three amazing garage heater benefits below, then reach out for help taking back your garage space today.

Add Space to Your Home

By installing an gas-fired garage heater, you’re essentially adding a whole extra room to your house. Your garage doesn’t have to be just where you park and store boxes and tools. It can become a family or party go-to space, a convenient workshop, or even a rec room.

Keep Your Family and Vehicles Safer

A furnace heated garage does away with hustling to and from the car to avoid Wisconsin’s cold weather. This is especially helpful for those with infants and small children or anyone needing time to load or unload from daily duties. Rather than hustling to buckle them in or out, you can take your time in a warm, comfortable garage.

The warmth is also good for cars. Not only will your vehicle warm up faster, but you won’t have to worry about your car not starting or scraping any ice off before you go to work. Garage heaters even help protect against engine wear and oil problems, saving you on potential repair costs down the road.

Helps Heat Your Home

Rooms and areas adjacent to or built over garages are notorious for being much colder in winter than other parts of the house. High-efficiency gas garage furnaces fix this problem. As they heat up your garage, that warm air rises, helping balance out temperatures in the rooms above them. It’s much easier and more efficient than dialing up your home thermostat in an attempt to even out conditions across the house.

Our Experts Can Help You Find the Best Garage Heater for Your Needs

Our selection of garage furnaces includes Sterling GG and Hot Dawg (made in Racine, WI) heaters. Depending on the size of your space, we work with you to find the best way to heat your garage efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. From compact design to quiet operation, you can rest easy knowing that when you choose Pharo, you’ll get the exact energy-efficient unit your space needs.

Contact us today to discover your home heating options.