5 Furnace Tips For Below Zero Cold Snaps


The deep freeze is set to creep into Wisconsin this week. We want to make sure that your home stays warm when you need your furnace the most, so we’re providing five tips to keep your furnace running strong, even as temperatures hover around zero all week.

5 Cold Weather Furnace Tips

Here are some recommendations on how you can care for your home’s HVAC system during extreme cold temperatures:

Check Furnace Air Filter
An older filter full of dust, pet dander, and other particles will cause your HVAC to work harder because of decreased air flow. By changing your filter, you will likely increase airflow through your system allowing warm air to better circulate on cold days.

Lower the Thermostat a Few Degrees

When it is extremely cold out, we recommend that you drop your thermostat several degrees less than your normal temperature. This simple practice reduces strain on your HVAC on the coldest days.

Run Furnace Fan to Keep Air Circulating
Continuously running your HVAC fan creates more even distribution of air helping to reduce cold or hots spots. It also ensures filtered air is circulated more regularly.

Keep Exhaust Vents Clear

Your HVAC is vented to the outside of your home. If you have a ground level exhaust vent make sure you check all vents to keep them clear of snow or ice. Accumulating snow or melting water can freeze over night and clog your vents. Additionally, furnace exhaust air can condensate creating icicles and ice stalagmites that could further impede air flow. Just to be safe, make sure they are free of blockages.

HVAC System Might Not Keep Up

Depending on how cold it is outside, you may not be able to turn up your thermostat as high as you would like. Furnaces are rated to perform with a certain efficiency and can’t always keep up with the heat loss for a home when exterior temperatures are lowest. Occasionally, homeowners will add localized comfort with the use of temporary space heaters to keep specific rooms extra warm.

Do you feel like your HVAC isn’t ready to tackle extreme Wisconsin weather? Get in touch with Pharo Heating & Cooling today!


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