Fall 2011 Newsletter Volume 3 Number 2

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Protect Your Wallet

Who knew that as much as half of your energy bills were the result of your heating and cooling system (Source: ENERGY STAR®)?  Overall, gas furnaces and boilers (heating system) are very reliable and can go their lifetime with little to no maintenance.  However, when something does go wrong the breakdowns can be costly, inconvenient and result in discomfort until the unit is repaired; especially during cold winter months.

Most people don’t think about their heating system until something does go wrong with it; which usually occurs at the most inconvenient times, like holidays or in middle of the coldest of nights.  You can protect yourself from these unexpected failures, extend the equipment life, and ensure peak performance by having an annual check-up completed by a qualified contractor.  A complete heating system checkup normally consist of the following:

  • Cleaning and adjusting of ignition and burners
  • Testing of startup components
  • Examining of heat exchanger
  • Safety test
  • Cleaning and lubrication of moving parts
  • Run and monitor the heating cycle
  • Check thermostat calibration

Having this preventative maintenance done will protect you from waking up to a cold, uncomfortable house.  It seems that everyone waits to start their heating system until the first really cold front rolls in, but by then it’s too late as us heating contractors get flooded with calls.  So protect your wallet and call to schedule a checkup for your heating system before winter arrives!

New! Customer Referral Program

Pharo Heating & Cooling is now offering a new customer referral reward as a way to thank our existing customers for providing us with new work.  All you have to do is refer a friend, neighbor or relative to Pharo.  If they install a new furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner, then we will give you $50 and take $50 off the cost of their installation.

To take advantage of this new referral program, we just need the referred parties to let us know who they were referred by prior to the installation of their new equipment.  We will then take $50 off the installation of the new heating or cooling unit and mail a check for $50 to the referring party.  There is no limit on the number of people you can refer; just limited to one referral per an installation.


A Look Back – High & Low Returns

In our 2009 fall edition of the newsletter we discussed the proper operation of high and low return grilles; since then we continue to get asked about them.  So here is a refresher:

  • In the winter, you should open the low return which will pull the cold air off the floor, while pulling heat down off the ceiling.
  • In the summer, you should close the low return which will pull the warm air off the ceiling by the high return, while lifting the cool air off the floor.

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